I’m a little behind on posting lately since it’s been super crazy! And I’ve been slacking a little on the workouts too since it’s been so crazy. But never fear, this week is getting back on it!

Hope all is well!


Upcoming Races


Well, I’m all done with Princess 🙂 It went fairly well and I took off about 4 minutes on the 10K and the half from the WDW January weekend. Especially given the humidity, I’m quite happy 🙂

So now I’m in full blown kick my butt mode. My schedule coming up is exciting (and I’m trying to be a good girl and not add more races…but it’s so hard!!)
Does anyone else have trouble not adding more races? Part of it is the bling…I loooove the medals 🙂 I also just love the motivation to do it. And I like to travel too. So it makes it more fun for me!

What’s on tap:

-March: NYC Half

-April: Nike DC

-November: NYC Full


What I’m tempted to add:

-May: Vancouver or Mini Indy

-June: San Diego  and Seattle, or maybe a sprint tri

-July: See Jane Run

-August: Iron Girl Tri


What I plan to add:

-Nov: Las Vegas RNR

-January 2015- Dopey

Prepping for Princess


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I’m officially 2 days away from flying out to Florida for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend 🙂 I registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge (10K on Saturday, Half on Sunday) about 7 months ago now? I’m excited for this one since it’ll be my first Princess weekend and it’s a girls weekend with my sister.

Just look at these medals – aren’t they pretty?


I’m getting ready for the races right now by working on my costumes (muahahah) and watching the Olympics. Did anyone catch the ice dancing yesterday? Meryl Davis & Charlie White = amazing! Ice princess/ prince 🙂

Are there any other Princesses out there?

Belated Valentine’s Day :)

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all had a great time with your loved ones, whether they be significant others/ friends/ pets/ family/ yourself 🙂


I celebrated Valentine’s Day by getting a massage 🙂 Can I just say, massages are amazing! I started getting massages regug larly a year ago to help with my legs recovering after running – it’s been life changing. There’s just something about getting a good massage that makes everything bugging you go away – plus it is soooo satisfying to treat yourself sometimes 🙂


Kicking My Butt



So one of my big goals for 2014 is to kick my butt into shape – quite literally! I am working with a trainer at the gym now to help me with the buildup for my big race: NYC!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for it…I started applying to the lottery for it immediately after completing my first full marathon. Last year, I finally got in – and then I got peroneal tendonitis and had to take a break from running for awhile.

The goal this year – kick butt at NYC and become a stronger runner! I’m also trying to lose weight and get in better shape…it’s really a full combination of things that I’m working on, so I’ll be posting a fair amount about that. I’m still working out my schedule, but race wise, I am ready =)


These are a few of my favorite things (Olympics Edition)


I’ve been playing with writing a blog for a bit, but my old one wasn’t being used very often. So now I’m going to try out a new one.

I figure I’ll start things off on here with an easy post. It’s time for the Winter Olympics! Wooo bring on the fun 🙂

Favorite Video

I love Daft Punk & the Russian Police Choir performing “Get Lucky” = AMAZING! It just makes me smile and laugh so much!


Favorite Opening Ceremony Outfit

USA- honestly, I kind of like the sweaters.


Runner Up to Favorite Opening Ceremony Outfit


Germany – the colors were awesome!

Favorite Sport So Far

I have been a figure skating fanatic for as long as I can remember – the addition of the team skating event is fantastic and I can’t wait to see more!!