Well, I’m all done with Princess 🙂 It went fairly well and I took off about 4 minutes on the 10K and the half from the WDW January weekend. Especially given the humidity, I’m quite happy 🙂

So now I’m in full blown kick my butt mode. My schedule coming up is exciting (and I’m trying to be a good girl and not add more races…but it’s so hard!!)
Does anyone else have trouble not adding more races? Part of it is the bling…I loooove the medals 🙂 I also just love the motivation to do it. And I like to travel too. So it makes it more fun for me!

What’s on tap:

-March: NYC Half

-April: Nike DC

-November: NYC Full


What I’m tempted to add:

-May: Vancouver or Mini Indy

-June: San Diego  and Seattle, or maybe a sprint tri

-July: See Jane Run

-August: Iron Girl Tri


What I plan to add:

-Nov: Las Vegas RNR

-January 2015- Dopey